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                        Updates Regarding Englebright Lake and Skippers Cove Marina

                                                         UPDATE  October 1, 2020

We are now accepting Online Rental Reservations for 2021. 


Rentals are available beginning Friday, May 14th, 2021

FACE COVERINGS / MASKS - OPTIONAL  on the gas dock, ramp going down to the gas dock, and store.   California  requires face coverings when social distancing cannot be achieved.

CAMPING – NOT ALLOWED at this time.


BOAT RENTALS – NOT ALLOWED at this time. Taking Online Reservations for 2021

HOUSEBOAT RENTALS – NOT ALLOWED at this time.  Taking Online Reservations for 2021


GENERAL PARKING – NOT ALLOWED down by the marina. Parking down at the marina is for Tenants Only.  Vehicles parked down by the marina not displaying the Parking Permit issued by SKIPPERS COVE MARINA will be towed.

PICK-UPs & DROP OFFs / LOADING & UNLOADING - You are not allowed to pick up your guests or drop them off at the gas dock / store and you are not allowed to load or unload your supplies or gear at the gas dock / store.  Use the Launch Ramps.


LAUNCH RAMPS - Open for day use only.  $5.00 Day Use Fee can be paid at the kiosks at either launch ramp.  All Day Use Boats must be off the water before 8:00 pm.



The launch ramps at Englebright Lake are now open for public use. This is the first stage in heading back to normal operations, which means certain things are limited at this time.  During this time, the launch ramps will be open, parking lots and restroom facilities will be open and available for use.  The partial openings DO NOT include day-use areas, campgrounds or restrooms in the campsites until further notice.  

$5.00 Day Use Fee can be paid at the kiosks at either launch ramp.  All Day Use Boats must be off the water before 8:00 pm.

Skippers Cove Marina is now open with temporary limitations and requirements due to the COVID-19 virus. Nevada County Public Health Office and the State of California is in a Phased Opening. To be able to open in this phase, Skippers Cove Marina will be temporarily implementing the following Safety Protocols.


· RESPECT OUR EMPLOYEES – Our Crew Members are here working in these uncertain times, in an atmosphere which in its very nature encourages groups of people from outside their household so you can be here enjoying some very much needed family and friend socializing. Please refrain from coming within 6’ of any of our Crew Members. They are here by choice to make Skippers Cove Marina an enjoyable place for you.




· Vehicle Parking down by Marina will be CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. This area will be Reserved for Tenants of Skippers Cove Marina ONLY. No Vehicles will be allowed even down by the marina without a Parking Permit. Vehicles parked down by the marina not displaying a PARKING PERMIT are subject to being towed.


· The Marina (store / gas) will only be Open 8:00 am - 5:00 pm and CLOSED MONDAYs & TUESDAYs


· Only 1 person from the boat will be allowed to be on the gas dock / store – all other passengers must remain on the boat to ensure social distancing


· The Gas dock / Store dock will only be for gas and store purchases


· No pick-up or drop off of persons at Marina dock – meet your family guests at launch ramps or Dock Gates


· No loading or Unloading at Marina Dock – use launch ramps or carry your supplies to your Dock gate


· Restrooms at the marina will be Open 8:00 am - 5:00 pm and CLOSED MONDAYs & TUESDAYs


· Restrooms by the shop will remain Closed


· Showers & Laundry Rooms will remain Closed


· Marina Store – No entry There will be a window for you to make your purchases

Sales only for Gas / soda / water / beer / ice (very limited items)



· Social Distancing of at least 6 feet from another person not part of your household must be maintained


· Social gatherings of more than ten (10) persons are prohibited anywhere at the marina, unless all are from the same household and only on a private houseboat / boat


· Good hygiene is a main factor—Frequently wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer. Skippers Cove Marina will have sanitizer in the restrooms and on the Gas Dock & at the store


· Those who are more vulnerable are advised to use added precautions when leaving their home


· Stay home if you are having symptoms concerning COVID-19 (fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath.


· Face Coverings must be worn when social distancing is not achievable





· Boat Rentals – No Boat Rentals of any type are available for rent


· Camping – All Campsite are CLOSED – The lake is only open for day use


· Loading or Unloading Persons or Property / Gear / Supplies at the Marina Store Dock & Gas Dock


· Parking down by the marina – This area is Restricted and reserved for Marina Tenant Parking Only by Permit.


Skippers Cove Marina and Crew have implemented these procedures to keep tenants, visitors, and crew as safe as possible. Although we are not All in the same boat we are All weathering this storm together and we Will get through this.

Online Reservations

Now Available!

13104 Marina Drive Smartsville, CA 95977  (530) 432-6302